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Dear Coperni 2 Families -
We recognize our D11 families are working hard to make a difference for their children, and we look forward to partnering with you to provide your students with the best education possible.  Our teachers are caring, compassionate, and highly effective, and our administrators have a track record of improving educational outcomes for thousands of students. 
Coperni 2 is founded on the notion that a Year 2035 workplace will require new skills and the ability to think critically. Our team of dedicated teachers and leaders, working in a high performance and caring culture, will maintain an intense focus on academic achievement and performance outcomes. 

The learning is tailored to the individual student, and each student learns in the modality that best fits their needs and style of learning. Students who struggle get more time and attention; students who are advanced are challenged and are able to move ahead. Our school holds high expectations for students and staff and believes that everyone can create their own future.
We have no illusions about how difficult it is to significantly increase student proficiency in communities challenged by poverty or language barriers, but you can be reassured that our team is experienced at developing and nurturing high-performing schools. They are innovative, passionate about helping children, and used to beating the odds.
It is our hope you will join us in our quest to provide students in this community the best education possible. We look forward to meeting you.



Mike Miles


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