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School Leadership
Rafael Botello, Principal
My name is Rafael Botello and this is my eighth year in education and fourth year within the Third Future Schools network. Being a "latch-key kid" and growing up in a poverty stricken home motivated me to be an individual to ensure that students like me have the experiences and opportunities that I did not.  I hold an Associates in Elementary Education, a Bachelors in Elementary Education, a Masters in Educational Leadership, and I look forward to pursuing my Doctorate degree in Education soon. 

My experiences, within education, has allowed me to work with diverse students ranging from pre-school to high school. Additionally, I have had the opportunity to teach internationally, in Spain. Each experience has motivated me to become the best educator that I can possibly be, now with Third Future Schools. 

As the principal at Coperni 2, I strive to ensure that our students feel safe and get the educational experiences they deserve. I look forward to making a change in the lives of students that need me most by inspiring and encouraging students to reach their fullest potential. Together we can cultivate a learning environment that meets the needs of each student while ensuring they feel loved and safe. 

Rafael Botello
Principal, Coperni 2
DaLisa Hatcher, Assistant Principal
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