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Third Future schools: Dyad program

We believe that learning happens everywhere - both inside and outside of the classroom. To ensure that our students are introduced to as many experiences as possible during their time at our school, we have created the Dyad Program.

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The Dyad Program is based on the concept that learning comes from the acquisition of 3 things: knowledge, experience, and perspective.

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For this program, we group two grades together: 3rd + 4th, 5th + 6th, 7th + 8th. 
Students in these grades are given a set of requirements to complete
within that two year period. How they complete the requirements is up to them. 

In the 2022-2023 school year, we are expanding our Dyad offerings to 2nd grade as well.

The requirements include a range of life experiences and educational ventures such as: 

  • travelling to another country 

  • learning graphic design or virtual reality 

  • participating in sports

  • participating in performing arts

  • learning about health and fitness

  • volunteering for community service

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Oftentimes students will meet many of these requirements outside of school, by playing on their local sports team, volunteering in their community, performing in local events, or travelling with their family. However, Third Future Schools also provides opportunities to complete requirements: 

  • during daily Dyad classes in school (see below)

  • during our after-school clubs and groups

  • during our annual out-of-state class trip


Some students will even get the chance to travel internationally with Third Future Schools.

Dyad classes offered at the Coperni 2 during the school day: 

  • video production

  • piano & music fundamentals

  • photography

  • Japanese language & culture

  • fitness & cycling

  • creative movement

  • and more

We want our students to truly love learning. And, we believe that exposing our students to a variety of life experiences, opportunities, subjects, and teachers helps them grow into well-rounded humans and gives them an edge to be successful in a Year 2030 workplace and world.

That's why the Dyad program partners with local experts and professionals in our community to bring experiences to our kids that they normally wouldn't have access to. 

If you are a professional in our community and you are interested in working with kids and teaching them your craft, click the link below to find out more about becoming a Dyad consultant with Third Future Schools. 

Dyad requirements will be tracked by the school, and students will be given plenty of opportunities to meet these requirements. If you have any questions about the Dyad Program, or for more information, please contact your school's Dyad Coordinator: 

Rachel Gregor

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